Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moving On at UT Tyler

Today marks my last day as a telecounselor and blogger at the University of Texas at Tyler. With all my classes taking place in the evening I will be unable to work at the Call Center in the upcoming fall semester. So, I thought we could take this time to look back on my 9 favorite blogs I have written while at working here at the UT Tyler Call Center. (Why 9 things? I don't want Letterman's people coming after me. That's why.)

My first blog didn't share that much information about UT Tyler and what's going on in Tyler but it did give you incite into what's going on in my head. (A few of you are still trying to figure that one out). I think it is important this blog should be included on this list. The style in which it is written gives you a better picture of me than the content itself. However, what I assume most people took from this post is that I really like David Bowie and having long winded conversations with the voices in my head. Anyway, this worked as a good introductory blog for the followers of the UT Tyler Student Blog which set them up for the rest of my list.

If you are familiar with my posts then you know I usually talk about local music and art shows around Tyler. Being in two bands I have a certain amount of insight into most if not all of the local culture. This blog in particular focused on a couple of weekends featuring a wide array of great local bands playing around Tyler. I also mentioned the Liberty Theater and a live performance of The 39 Steps. In case you didn't know they have old movies playing almost weekly for your enjoyment. If you're interested those bands are still around and waiting for you to give them a listen. There is so much local music in Tyler you're bound to find something you like.

During my time at the Call Center I have written my share of blogs about the summer and how to stay cool. This one by far is my favorite.. Mostly for the picture I used (see above picture). However, I also feel I included some vital information for staying hydrated in the hot summer weather. This was especially important last summer in 2012 when Tyler experienced record setting triple digit temperatures for weeks on end. I included a list of the signs of dehydration. If it is ever uncomfortably hot outside, I feel people will be able to get something from this blog and the ones like it for summers to come.

6: Vlog: Patrick's New Bike

Along with the normal blogs we post our fair share of video blogs or "vlogs". This by far is my favorite. In this particular vlog I am demonstrating my new bicycle in all its glorious wonder. The video pretty much speaks for itself beyond that.

In this post I talked about my new bicycle (Which I still proudly own). Through this experience, I found out that you can find pretty much anything at a thrift store... Though you may not be looking for that particular item. The thing that I think is most important about this post is my emphasis on travel to UT Tyler. If you live within a mile from the university why not walk? Why not bike to class? With a limited number of parking spots on campus it's important to take into account all your options and figure out what is best for you. Maybe carpool? unicycle? scooter? The transportation world is your oyster, people!

I always enjoy finding local eateries around Tyler and this is a blog about one such place. On my birthday my girlfriend and I went to a place called Mariscos DJs. this restaurant takes a seafood centered approch to Tex Mex with pretty amazing results. It just goes to show that if you're willing to try new things you'll end up being quite surprised (In the best possible way). Along with Mariscos there are lots of fun places around Tyler just waiting to be discovered.

This was my first real in depth analysis for a product. I felt it was important to do this to show the dangers of energy drinks. If you plan on using them, do it in moderation. I had a lot of fun preparing for and writing this blog. After I took the 5-Hour energy I kept notes on how I was feeling and what was going on in terms of my surroundings. It was quite the experience. However, I wouldn't recommend doing what I did. These energy drink things are scary.

The Coffin Shop is by far my favorite place in Tyler. It brings together music, art, and people in a way I never thought possible. People from all over come out of the woodwork to see what's going on at The Coffin Shop. In fact, most of the time people who go there there don't even know what band is playing or who's showing their art. They're there just to be there. I've seen some of the coolest and most interesting bands while either playing or attending a show at the Coffin Shop. Located just South of the Liberty theater in Downtown Tyler they'll be starting up this musical season with a blast. Just you wait.

Adventure Time


I know this one was posted by Michael Hale but I assure you this was co-written blog by himself and I. What brought the whole idea of this blog about was my new understanding of a darker side of the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. I learned that magic had come back to world of Adventure Time following the great mushroom wars. In one episode the main characters Jake and Finn swim in the ocean revealing a 20th century style city buried beneath the ocean. For a kids show this is pretty dark. I mean this is what the world has turned into following the nuclear apocalypse. Plus, Finn is the last human in existence! GAH!!! I haven't seen this much darkness in a kids show since Fred Flinstone advertised smoking to kids. After this realization I thought of a movie from the 1970s that had a very similar back story to Adventure Time called Wizards, which is definitely not a kids show. Wizards takes place in a similar post-apocalyptic world following nuclear fallout with the magic coming back to take over and the same basic zip zop zippity zap with the pudding! (Excuse me, there is no pudding). However, Wizards goes in a more mature direction that Adventure Time. Instead of fun and dancing Wizards is engulfed in war sadness and even a bit of Nazism. (skip to about 3:00 to see what I'm talking about)

Anyway Michael Hale and I came together to construct something that I feel is a great analysis of pop culture worthy of maybe a pop culture conference (wink wink). I feel this blog showed the great analytic work that can come about two graduates of the University of Texas at Tyler. Michael and I came together to write a simple blog but came out with one of the best analytic comparisons of popular culture I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.
I'm especially proud of this
I am greatly saddened about departing my job here at the call center. The later part of my undergrad career was heavily influenced by the people who work here. In the end I've come to understand that it's not the place but the people that matters. So here's a few kind words, inspirational speeches, and a song to keep you going. Bye bye.

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