Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Paddy's Day Birthday Lunch

St. Patrick’s Day was my birthday so I decided to go out with my girlfriend for lunch. We decided to go with the usual Don Juan’s but were forced to drive to their location down Erwin away from downtown since the downtown location is closed on Sundays. On the way there I spotted Mariscos DJ’s.

This restaurant is owned by the same people as Don Juan’s however they take a seafood approach to their food. So instead of Don Juan's, I convinced my girlfriend to eat at Mariscos DJ's. My girlfriend decided on the octopus and shrimp tacos (delicious) and I settled for Huachinango Frito or whole fried red snapper. This is what came out for my birthday lunch.

Now lets compare that to the one on their website

As you can see they don’t lie. The fish way fried yet wasn't greasy or oily at all. It had the perfect amount of flake and tasted fresh from the sea/farm. This is a pic of the octopus and shrimp tacos my girlfriend ordered

All in all we had an unexpectedly delicious birthday lunch. So, if you are in the mood for unique Mexican food I would highly recommend Mariscos DJ’s.

Life Cheat #98600673: If the menu says “whole fish” be prepared for your food to stare back at you.


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