Sunday, March 17, 2013

Library resources!

So, Spring Break comes to a close here at UT Tyler . Time to get back to work and hopefully not go too crazy from all the work that was neglected over the break. It is about this time that I think I should mention how awesome our library is here on campus, 'cause it's a great resource I don't think gets enough press here around UTT.

One of the coolest things about the library ( outside of its obviously wonderful staff!) is the new page scanner device they have had brought in. The machine lets you scan whole sections of books and the dump the images to a USB drive. BAM! It's wonderful.

Next, did you know you can check out books from other libraries? The World Catalog is just one of the many services that lets you "borrow" books from other libraries and have then sent to The University of Texas at Tyler's Library so you can then rent them. Again, this is wonderful.

Go to our library and ask about the services/options you have available!


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