Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tyler Yoga In the Park

As college students, we tend to have a pretty stressful time in college. With studying, jobs, friends, and everything else in between, it's we can get pretty wound up! I know I do! It is also really hard sometime to find time for ourselves. Not necessarily hanging out with friends and going out somewhere, but actual time to take a step back from the fast pace world and RELAX in a very calm and peaceful environment. Yes, as in YOGA relaxing :) 

Most people know yoga as doing those really crazy, bendy, seems impossible kind of poses. And before I actually went to classes, both traditional and power yoga (more fast pace and cardio), this is what I thought it all was. When I took my power yoga class for a fitness class here at UT Tyler, we wrote a paper about the benefits of yoga. And yes, if you Google, you will find out that it has SO many benefits such as, it helps with flexibility, strength and posture, but also helps with  asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, insomnia, and depression. Go ahead and research yourself about the benefits!

If you don’t have time to go to weekly classes that are offered in HPC or at your gym! Or, look into the group they are forming in Tyler!

Tyler Yoga In the Park’s first run will be April 21st at noon in the Bergfeld park. It would be just a gathering of people wanting to get some sunshine and exercise now and again! With a yoga enthusiast who will lead an easygoing 1 hour yoga session for all levels :) 

They are starting a group that does casual yoga in the park for about an hour on Sunday afternoons during good weather about once a month. 

Please join them! It is totally free! There are no commitment or anything like that so this is all voluntary and all up to you.

I think it’s an awesome idea! So come out when you feel like your Zen, serenity and your inner chi could use some boostingJ


Jackson Smith said...

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and to facilitate optimal health, healing and awakening. Teachers teach yoga in classes for the individual or group with a focus for a specific health condition e.g. cancer, heart,prenatal, diabetes, etc.

Sandness Peak said...

I think that the idea of getting rid of the low Neck pain and Back Pain with the help of yoga poses is pretty effective and easy.

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