Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Break adventures!

I took a trip to Florida with my boyfriend and his parents to Florida last year and somehow created two blogs out of that slightly adventurous trip to the beaches.

While reading over my old blogs, ironically I'm taking a similar class to my tech 2323 but less business-y and more Microsoft focus that is stacking the stress with a mid semester project and the first test.

Even better we have a test to come back after Spring Break over lectures (the other is over Excel and Word).

Though my stress is cooled down by watching two seasons of Community and the fact that I got an 80! on my first math test and one of our quizzes! (I have the mentality that I am horrible at math; therefore I am. These grades null and void these thoughts, and give me confidence to be awesome at the bane of my academia career).

Back to my spring break adventures, this year, I am going to Arkansas with them. I have never been to Arkansas before. So I am excited to cross it off of my bucket list of one of the 50th states that I have visited.

His mom sent us a list of things to pack.The first thing one the list was hiking stuffs (clothes, boots, coordination). This both excites and scares me, as I am very uncoordinated person.

I also do not own hiking boots, I own stylish boots. So my sneakers are just gonna have to do, and save my own coordination.

The rest of the agenda is pretty vague.
There may be some skating, swimming, birding and other outdoorsy things that I can injure my self doing :)
I shall end this blog with some pictures I took with my camera whilst messing around with different things.
The pictures are of RBN and the Business building whilst facing the parking lot.

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