Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweater Weather? Pssh... Texas Weather!

So what is up with this Texas weather? I know everyone is always saying that Texas weather cannot make up its mind, but honestly- we've been back to school for about a week now for spring semester. By now, people are getting settled into their classes and starting to get a hang of their schedules, class and otherwise.
However, this brings up a sad, sad day. It is almost time to say goodbye to sweater weather. Or is it? All of my classes this semester are really early in the morning and lately whenever I leave my apartment, it is cold and windy like it would normally be on a late January morning. So when I get done with class and start heading back to my apartment, it suddenly feels like spring break weather! It goes from being a brisk, cold morning to a warm, sunny afternoon. While not exactly great for rocking tights and a sweater dress, it is absolutely perfect for riding around with the windows down with your favorite four legged (or two legged!) friend.
Texas n00bz

How to deal with this transition period? I know it’s frustrating to have a super cute outfit picked out and then have the unpredictable weather rear its head. It’s supposed to be below freezing tomorrow morning and probably by the time lunchtime rolls around, the sun will be out and there will be no need for a jacket. What I like to do is layer up, but instead of layering up on bulky fabrics, I layer up on thin fabrics. This way in case it gets too hot, I can take one off and still have that “polished” look. Everyone loves that lovable cable-knit sweater, but not lugging it around all day. Who’s with me? The great thing about those thinner layers is that they can be stashed away more easily in your backpack for safe keeping between classes. No more tying sweaters around your waist!

Unless you want to. Then work it :)

As we say goodbye to sweater weather and hello to Texas heat (we all know how much we missed it), let’s embrace some of the fun in between, best of both worlds parts of this time. It seems like we don’t get very much spring, but let’s enjoy what we do have by making the most of it. 
Excited for spring, dancing, etc.

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