Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Take an internship in D.C.!

     The University of Texas system partners with former U.S. Representative Bill Archer in the Archer Fellowship Program to provide students the opportunity to attain varying internships. The program also provides classes in subjects ranging from economics to policies.

     Students will travel to Washington D.C. to work in these internships all semester long. It is an ideal opportunity to those that major in Political Science or Pre-Law. In D.C., students can work with different organizations like the U.S. Department of State, the United Nations Information Center and even work within the White House.

     This program is believed to be rigorous in the way it challenges students with the subject matter that will embody their future political careers. You will learn the different components of how the federal government works both internally and externally. You will also have the opportunity to be the select few that will represent Texas in Washington D.C. Not many students have the opportunity to say they worked in such a high caliber program.

     Students can also apply for financial help for the program as you will need to cover costs such as program fees, books and living expenses.

     Internships are a great asset to your resumes as they strengthen your work experience with the necessary skill sets that you will need post graduation. A student with more work experience in their field of study is more likely to get the job than a student who did not have any internship experience or knowledge in the field.

     This internship opportunity is great for those that need real world exposure. It will also build your network for after you graduate!

     The application is available online as well as the process of how to apply.

     For more information, you can go to the Archer Center's home page as well as the contact information page.

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