Monday, January 20, 2014

Want to go sky diving?

     You plunge yourself thousands of feet in the air from a moving plane. There's nothing really stopping you from the ground except a parachute. This is the thrill of sky diving. We all think of doing it at one point of our lives, but some end up not doing it. Why? Because you're jumping out of a plane!! Who does that? You do. Why? Because it's awesome.

     I personally have always thought of doing it. Will I go through with it? We'll see. If you've always wanted to do it but never knew how, don't fret. The UT Tyler Outdoors Adventures program gives students the opportunity to do recreational activities such as these. If you like activities that are more exciting and outdoors, you definitely should check them out!

     The skydiving trip is one of the events they take students on. They provide transportation to the sky diving destination in Gladewater, Texas. All you need to do is sign up and pay! Don’t worry, there’s a licensed tandem master who will bring you back to the safe zone. Why not go for it? It makes for a great story!

    There are other outdoor amenities that the program provides. If skydiving is not something you want to do, they also have other activities. They have paintball trips, river trips, and even mountain trail bike riding. 

    If it all sounds like you, feel free to contact them!

    You truly only live once, so now that you are young and have no demanding responsibilities, you should take trips and do things that you may not be able to do when you’re older! I may even do it!


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