Saturday, December 7, 2013

Visit other towns/cities!

                I've lived in Tyler, Texas for 10 years. This has allowed me to know the small city pretty well. This does not go without saying that I want to branch out to different places. I have yet to visit any part outside Texas. This has to change. Traveling seems like a great thing to do, yet I am still here. Not complaining, just observing. I actually visited Dallas last week for the second time ever.

                Yes, I am that guy that has stayed in the town he grew up in. I have sadly never been anywhere in the U.S., let alone other parts of Texas. I have only gone to Waco, San Antonio and Dallas. This is sad. I need to travel more.

                Last week was Thanksgiving break. This long awaited break had been looming since the semester began to pick up with deadlines and projects. When it finally arrived, I was ecstatic. My fraternity big brother offered to let me spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. This was pretty great since I’I've only had American Thanksgiving dinner once prior; yes I know, this must be baffling. But hey! I’m Mexican, in Mexico, there is no Thanksgiving, so my family never really got around knowing how to make the food. Our answer to Thanksgiving dinner: TAMALES!! Good stuff.

                I, along with another friend went with him to Dallas. I was pretty excited to see Dallas again. It reminds me that there are a lot of opportunities waiting to be taken. Besides meeting my big’s family, I was happy to go to the malls. NorthPark is pretty great. There were stores like Burberry and Valentino that I've always wanted to visit, even though I just get depressed that I don’t have the money to buy such brands. #collegekidprobs
Galleria ice rink
                One of my favorite places to shop has got to be H&M. This place is majestic in the way they price things. They have good clothes for low prices!

                Not only did I go to the malls, but I also got to check out the Galleria ice rink. Us three went ice skating. My other friend was a girl, so it’s perfectly manly enough to go with your brother. This too was my first time ice skating. Like I said, I don’t get out much. Not my fault though, I have no car.

                Overall, it was a great break as I got to meet my big’s mom and got to eat some delicious food. I also got to decorate a Christmas tree. I haven’t done that in 5 years. I am definitely thankful for everything that has been happening in my life and I’m hopefully that things continue to be great in the future!

                So c’mon guys! Check out other cities you haven’t been. It makes a heck of a fun road trip no matter where you go. Especially when you go with great friends!

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