Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tips for Cold Weather!

Warnings that the temperature would drop below freezing popped up.I was not prepared for such happenings. Aside from the ten billion jackets that occupy the space that was once the back seat of my car.
Luckily, I was gifted a emergency baskets of goodies and for some reason, my car started the next morning with no issue!

Alas, I will not tempt fate more than once!
I equipped my car with an overzealous amount of emergency gear that was inexpensive and at times plain silly.

  With that preparation, I always read up on some tips to survive the weather. Thus I am now going to share some tips with ya'll:

what not to do!

-  Check your car for any issues that will be affected by the weather.
Every vehicle requires a certain ratio of coolant to water, and your owner's manual or repair technician can explain what your engine needs. For most vehicles, a winter ratio is 60% coolant to 40% water. Adjusting this ratio is an important step in winterizing your car, so if you need help, ask someone who is experienced and knowledge.

- Drive safely! for what the weather permit!             
 Keep the speed demon inside of you on the down low!

If you have any other tips! add em' down below.

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