Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Is Education?

   What 'is' Education? Some today refer to education as 'opportunity' and others might call it 'the chance for a better career.' If I might be allowed to wax poetic for a bit, education is using your abilities towards the valuing and betterment of human life. Education proves to be the highest aim a person can work towards if it is your means to making the biggest difference for others. I believe education is the ultimate in of Humanism and Humanitarian beliefs. 

 Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Humanism, and other tools so you can make a difference. Do you believe that Politics is corrupt and that is the cause of world problems? Study the law, study economics, and study politics! Become the expert who can guard his values from being infected and champion your work. 
 This belief comes from my opinion that the only way to know how to fix the problems in our world is to actually understand what is wrong with it. Some argue that would planet still has gender and race issues, that these are the greatest troubles we as people should combat. Educate yourself on

   Mainly, I am discussing the things college can allow you to pursue in this post. I believe in it wholeheartedly. Some argue that college is a money hungry institution and it only serves to siphon income from some and to be the unobtainable carrot-on-a-stick for others. I believe the opposite. I believe, ironically, that by educating yourself early that college is not only basically free, it returns its value in innumerable dividends. Study up on the SAT and ACT, look up how scholarships work, call those who can give you answers.

   Education is indeed 'opportunity,' however like all opportunities it has to be taken. Education begins in school when we are young, however kids rarely are aware that the twitter they use can advocate social causes and that, with study, an education on Public Relations can make Twitter a force to change peoples lives.

   Education should, in my opinion, end with the betterment of others. We have a duty to champion those who cannot carry their own banners. Education is a tool we can use to make this world a better place. The University of Texas at Tyler helped me learn this while I was busy trying to create a Student Colloquium my peers could find ways to express their voice academically, so they could also do it on their own time, so they could pursue educating themselves on subjects in an extracurricular fashion. People from all levels of Academia here at the University have helped me. This model should be the kind we follow in life, not just in school.

   What nobody says is that this path to helping the world with education is difficult. It is in no way easy, however we are all blessed with the capacity to ask for aid from those who have been where we have been.

    The University of Texas at Tyler has allowed me to share my voice on so many issues, issues both large and small. Education is a gift and I hope you, dear reader, know where yours has come from. We have all had teachers, parents, and colleagues who have taught us, helped us, and listened to us.

   While obviously I love the University of Texas at Tyler and would actively encourage you to attend, you should pursue the best options for where you live. Pursue the best education you can. After you do? Help others. Thank others. Love others.

   To all those who have aided, mentored, supported, and listened to me - thank you. I hope in my life I am able to pay foreword the values and patience you have all shown to me. I am proud to know that you will do this for others in the future. 

   For those who have yet to have done this for others? In time, you will. Until then, educate yourselves as best you can. 


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