Monday, November 18, 2013

Fifty Shades of Fabulous

By now, most people have a favorite color and it is usually their “signature” color. Have you ever gone shopping and thought, “Oh jeez, what is up with that color? It’s too bright/murky/(fill in the blank with your choice of complaint)!” This is how I used to feel about gray.
My face when looking at "black" vs. "charcoal" vs. "gray"

But that was then and this is now. Gray is a hot color for fall and winter because it echoes those mysterious foggy mornings and the sky right before it snows. Who doesn't love that? Even if you aren't a cold weather person, it’s still super fun to curl up by the window with a cup of hot cocoa and watch the snow fall. It’s kind of like watching raindrop races on the car window while (preferably) someone else is driving. You know you did that!

Tame to timeless in 2.5 seconds <3
What I like about this piece is that it is made up of a classy mix of charcoal, heather gray, and timeless dark jeans. One could substitute the black wedges for black slouch boots for a different look! So much you can do with this outfit and it is made up of dark neutrals. This look can be very versatile! Is it a little too much neutral? Take a walk on the wild side and opt with a large print bag of your choice! My personal favorite is leopard or zebra print.

You're going to hear me roar!
Speaking of animal print, what makes this next ensemble so much fun is that it has two different focal points: the vermilion scarf and purse alongside the black and gray leopard print ballet flats. These jeans in this outfit are “bootcut”, but the wearer could substitute in some skinny jeans to echo the famous Audrey Hepburn look. Want to tone it down a little? Opt for a black scarf instead of the vermilion (:

Silvery and shiny goodness <3
This last outfit takes my breath away with how simple and polished it is, but it is so easy to do. The real tank here is the pair of boots. It can be the same pair of boots from Outfit #1! That sweater has a nice little tie to dress it up, but those bangles and earrings really bring it all together. This look travels really well too! Substitute skinny jeans for some tights and watch it transform. It is amazing how a pair of earrings and bangles can make that much of a difference! Fall and winter is all about layering up, so when let it transcend your closet into your jewelry box. It’s a lot of fun!

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