Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 Weeks!

                                       The semester is near it's end. 
                                    so say goodbye to all your friends.
                                          the deadlines do not bend.
                                             and soon you will say,
                                     "seriously, when will this ever end?"
                                         and throw down your pen. 

I'm feeling pretty confident in myself at this moment. Earlier today, I took a test in one of my classes that when I walked out of the last test I knew I failed it (I ended up with a 72 with a 30 point curve).

I went after with the plan to complete a project for the class but that didn't happen. As I get family members badgering me to come home for the weekend and Thanksgiving. I feeling pretty "meh" about Thanksgiving since my significant other is going to South Padre with his family. Not getting to spend the holiday with him is pretty blah to me since we spent last Thanksgiving together. 
   The "me" feeling is also being agitated when I had the realization that we have five weeks left in this semester.While i'm excited this semester is coming to an end, In my mind, this is crunch time. This is the final countdown really. I keep fighting procrastination at this point. The coding and programs are piling up. Writing actual sentences is really weird for me because i'm so used to doing java.
So, to survive the final countdown we must:
1. Fight the procrastination monster
3. Eat healthy (I say this and i'm pretty sure i'm eating pizza for dinner)
4. Use the methods that help you retain the most information , no matter how repetitive and annoying it is.
5. Hang with friends< you might not see em' til the next semester or ever..>

Peace, as I spend tomorrow looking deeply in my computer screen trying to code Visual Basic and trying not to have a headache. 

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