Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ender's Game --- Hit or Miss?

  I was lucky enough to have gotten to see the film Ender's Game this past weekend. How was it? Considering I grew up with the novel by Orson Scott Card which was released in the mid-80's I'd have to say it was rather good. For starters the whole premise of the book is amusing - kids use videogames to train for fighting off genuine aliens who will soon attack Earth.

   For me ( and others ) the idea of being a kid who would use games to save the world and be a hero? FREAK'N AWESOME ...

... and then comes the ending ....


   Don't let the implications of the ending as being "sad" fool you - it's the lesson of the book and any sadness you must endure for the point to reach you is minimized by how much your opinion can change. About what you ask? Well, how we wage war for starters.

   Ender's Game presents a universe where children are trained to fight aliens from a young age. This concept of youth education and content application was something I remember in a Teaching Young Adult Literature course I had over the summer with Dr. Fischer. The education one receives is also important in the sense that it teaches HOW to act. We learn in society what is and is not acceptable. Ender Wiggin in the novel Ender's Game. The emotional crux of the novel involves Ender trying to figure out how to connect with his own emotions and the emotions of the alien enemy he battles.

   The movie is great and I give it an 8 out of 10!


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