Monday, February 18, 2013


Lately I've been feeling a little homesick.
I'm from San Antonio which is 5-6 hours away from Tyler. I also don't have a car, so going there requires either catching a ride from someone going to Austin (because I know almost no one from San Antonio), or getting on a bus. However I manage to get there, it's not easy, so I don't get to go home very often. (Nothing near how bad Katrina had it though)

I also happen to have a VERY close family, so not a day goes by when I don't talk to my Mommy, or text my aunts and grandma. Being away from all of them is hard, but here is how I make it through

my lovely family visiting one weekend!

1. Call home when you miss it
Hearing your parent's voices is nice. Especially talking to your little siblings just to see how school is. It makes you feel like you're still at home.

2. Go socialize!
Do NOT lock yourself in your room. All you will do is think yourself into a sad hole.

going out with friends!

3. Go outside
Take a walk, ride a bike, go hang out by the dock. You always find something to do or run into someone interesting here on campus

walking around UT Tyler!

4. Let your friends know how you're feeling
Feeling homesick is normal. I'm sure they probably miss home too. Talking about how you feel helps out.

5. Talk to a counselor
When you feel like you can't talk to your friends, we have counselors available here on campus!

There's always ways to distract yourself when you're feeling down. Just remember that it never lasts for long and you always have someone to talk to!


Megan Allen said...

I still need this advice.

Anonymous said...

I had SUCH a problem with homesickness when I first went away to college. I had to do these things myself so that I didn't just quit school altogether.

But, it DOES get better and it IS worth it. :)

Hey, you linked my blog!! :) I miss y'all!


Anonymous said...

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