Sunday, February 17, 2013

United to Serve at UT Tyler

I've always been a fan of volunteering. Here at UT Tyler we try to give back to the community as much as possible. Recently, Student Government Association has announced that they will be participating in United to Serve through the East Texas Crisis Center.

They ask students to bring in toilet paper, paper towels, cotton balls, q-tips, and dixie cups to donate to the shelter that helps out with victims of family violence, sexual assault, and violent crimes.
Some of the senators will be going door to door at the housing complex to collect supplies, so I'm excited to see the results.
During Christmas time SGA ran an Angel Tree. I remember for a couple weeks I would sit out at a table in front of the Chik-fil-A with papers spread all over the table for people to come pick their "angel", or the child they would get Christmas presents for.
It amazed me that even though we were all students ourselves who could be worried about buying our own Christmas gifts for our own friends and family with the little money we have, so many students adopted angels. On the very last day there were only about 6 angels left.

The power of giving never ceases to amaze me and I absolutely LOVE the big hearts the students here at UT Tyler have.

Be sure to support Untied to Serve!

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