Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Work Out Chronicles: The Beginning

My goal of this semester is to change my philosophy and attitude towards working out at the gym.
Which will hopefully have the result of getting back in shape. A wonderful coincidence is that we have a free gym membership at the HPC which if you are like me and spend 3/4th of your day here on campus. Using the HPC is a great opportunity that should be looked into and taken advantage if it suits your needs. I've been to other Tyler gyms whilst with other friends. I have nothing against using other gyms.
It's all about personal preference.Usiing the HPC is the best option for myself and more likely for those living on campus. I will truly be working out for the first time in many years. The last time I was truly working out was during my short time as softball player
Previous thoughts on working out can be describe in the below gif:
My planned steps to execute this goal are as the following:
1. Schedule the time to work out in my schedule without impeding on my school and work
2. Put work out clothes in my (new! running! tan:( car)
3. Secure water bottles (plastic by the dozen or handy plastic container) for maximum hydration

The hardest step for myself is the last one. Not that i'm not motivated to get in shape and stop huffing and puffing through out the campus. It's the whole social interaction of the gym that makes me hesitant.
 I understand the basic concepts that:
         1. Looking like a mess means you are doing it right.
         2. Safety! Safety! Safety!
         3. Everybody is there for the same reasons.
   Aside from my slight phobia of the gym, I should be on my way to a healthy workout! and an adjusted diet to assure I get the maximum benefits from the working of musclers.
    I'll keep ya updated,
 hopefully this attempt will go better than my previous starts (though I will always have these blogs to look back at and go "oh right! that's what I'm suppose to be doing!")

Song i'm gonna rock out to when I WORK IT OUT!