Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Feels and Pumpkin Spice Kisses

(Yea. Hershey has a Pumpkin Spice Flavored Kiss Now. It's a thing.)

It’s that time of year again, guys. Fall. Glorious fall. For those who call Texas their home this is the season of wearing light jackets and sweating slightly less profusely when you walk outside in the morning. So let's shake our hairbrushes at Summer like this little kid did and welcome the Fall season together, people!

Get behind me, Summer!
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Stuff I like about Fall besides EVERYTHING:

  • Making leaf piles and jumping in those things.

  • Pulling out the quilts from under the bed, because you CAN now.

  • Buying apple cider and spiced teas again.

  • Being able to go stargaze at night without a mosquito net.

  • Swimming in warm water when the air is kinda cool.

  • Drive in movie theaters. Period.

  • Fallen leaves.

  • THE COLORS, PEOPLE. Nature colors are amazing in the Fall.

  • Thanksgiving and all the hot rolls that go with it!

  • Cotton candy and funnel cakes. (October Fest com’on now!

  • My birthday, woot woot.

  • Bonfires and roasted marshmallows.

  • Sunsets.

  • Pumpkin Spice candles, lattes, bread, flavoring, 

  • Cuddle time like all the time.

  • The nights are longer.

  • Scarves, boots, jeans, jackets, tights, sweaters, pullovers... (I could go on forever.)

  • Halloween! Best holiday of the season J

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I'm ready for this, guys. I mean, there is something about the fluctuating colors, early sunsets and leaves on the ground that just makes me think changes are coming, and they will be beautiful. Also I'm just really excited about those Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses. They look decadent.

So... what are some of your favorite fall activities/foods/stuffs? 


Anonymous said...

My favorite time of year! Color, color, color!!! Just right for an early morning or evening walk to see all of the beautiful color changes. The mild temperatures make for great Friday nights of football and Saturday evening get- together's with a fire pit and hot toddy's. Just an all around perfect time of year.

Julia Bodiford said...

I agree! I cannot wait.

Julia Bodiford said...
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