Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pugs, Not Shrugs :D

Those two words alone are enough to make both the young and not so young feign illness to stay home from work or school.

What image comes to your mind when your hear the words “group project”?

 for some people, it is this...
Conan O'Brien used: UPROAR!

for some it is more like this one directly below this:
He just has a lot of feelings! :P 
When I hear that I am being assigned to work in a group? I am a friendly pug.

They stare into your soul with their desire for friendship!
I get super excited to work with people. While everyone else gives their best friend “the look” that means “oh yeah, let’s do this”, I’m excited to get to work with people that I have never worked with before. It’s very exciting!

This sort of extroverted anomaly is usually ignored. When I look at tumblr pages about group projects, looking to be inspired by the creative things that happen when three or four brains come together, it’s usually people on the different side of the coin: people who don’t reach out and get to know people. Very seldom do people work to include both sides of the spectrum. I believe that college is learning how to achieve balance and learn how to successfully work with people who often times have opinions different from one’s own. 

Next time you have a group project, check your reactions and see if you are acting like a friendly pug. Even if group projects aren’t your thing, you may find yourself making new friends! :D
Pugs+Party hats+Pools=my favorite math ever

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