Saturday, August 3, 2013

Students on a budget? Make birthday presents more special by making it more personalized.

                Your best friends are having a birthday coming up, great you’re excited! Then you look at your bank account… $3 balance, not so great. No money? No problem!

                The way to make your friend’s birthday better is by specializing their presents to things they actually like; Especially if you get them something that they love, such as their favorite candy or if they collect something in particular, like cows.
                You could also try baking their favorite pastry or cooking their favorite dish. Why? Because everyone loves food and what’s better than having someone making something for you? Nothing, because you don’t have to do anything.
                Don’t get me wrong, I love spending money on clothes or other things that my friends would want, but getting little things that are more personalized shows that you’re really thoughtful and actually listen to what your friends like.
                For example, July 1 was my friend’s birthday and I was running really low on money, so I couldn’t get her the shirt she wanted, so what did I do? I baked chocolate bread and bought her a bag of her favorite Mexican candy.
                She loves chocolate pastries and always enjoys this sweet and spicy powder from Mexico. BAM!! Best friend status: elevated. I got her something that she actually liked and it was relatively inexpensive to get.
                You can get some ideas on DIY presents from different websites. Try some of these ideas at:
                Also check out Chrissy’s blog about DIY dorm decorating items that you could give a friend.

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