Sunday, August 4, 2013

Activities close to campus for you to try!

                There are two places you must go to when you live on campus and have nothing else to do. Bowling and mini-golf. Yes, to some it may sound outdated and not for your age, but with the right people, it can be really fun.
                TheGreen Acres Bowling Center and the Putt-Putt mini golf center are located about a mile away from campus, so you don’t have to drive that far for entertainment.

                Bowling can be really fun depending on who you go with. If you have a fun group of friends who enjoy laughs and competition, you will have a great time. All you have to do to play is rent out a lane and shoes and you’re ready to go. For pricing and hours click here.
     If you happen to want to make a reservation for a small event, you can do so, as they provide special rates depending on a certain number of people. There are game machines if you want to relax from bowling. There is also a little food area where you can order things like burgers, pizza, nachos, hot dogs, or anything else that will soothe your hunger.
                Mini-golf is great. It can mentally challenge you as you compete with your other friends with who will get the better score. Personally, it is my favorite. I cannot really see myself playing in an actual golf course because I naturally fail at sports, but mini golf is the second best thing for sure.   
                There are different little courses where you have to calculate where and how you will hit the ball to get it in the hole. The entrance fee is $7 for adults and you can play all 18 holes. Click here to see the attractions page on their website.
                So go out and try both of these awesome places, there will be something about any of these two that will strike your interest!
                For directions to the bowling and mini golf center click here.

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