Friday, August 2, 2013

Tips for new students!

As we all know that August 26th is the first day of classes here at The University of Texas at Tyler. Yayy J And most of you especially our new freshman might be nervous to start the college life.

Well don’t be! 

Here are some few things you can start doing to prep yourself in to a new start.
  1.     Make sure your classes are registered, and you have your schedule done by now! That way if you can start with locating your classes right now to make it easy and less hectic on the first day.
  2.     Purchase your parking ticket early to avoid the line at the cashier's office and at the police department on the first week of classes.         
  3.     Make sure you already have your student ID made, again to avoid lines during first week.
  4.         If possible, try to stop by at our book store at the University Center (UC) to see if you can rent or buy used books. From personal experience, I have always waited till last minute to purchase my books and they had to pay more for new books because I was too late to purchase the used ones L
  5.           Last, but not the least, have an agenda ready to start your semester. Classes can sometimes be overwhelming and it always helps to plan out your week ahead of time to keep you on track.

I am not trying to scare the new students, but just giving you guys a heads up on what to expect here at UT Tyler from  personal experience.

Good Luck!

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