Monday, July 8, 2013

Jobs while going to school; don’t sweat the stress!

We all love money. We love using it, we love getting it, and we all hate losing it. There are some students like myself that used to worry about getting a job while going to school.
                I did not want to ruin my GPA by piling on things that I thought I could not do. Some of you may think that getting a job will make your school load unbearable, and your social life would be inexistent.
Find your balance!
But I am here to tell you that it is very doable! Get those applications filled out!
  The key to keeping a job during the semester is having excellent time management skills as well as great organization.
                Start by planning out your work schedule. How many hours do you want to work? How much money do you need to make to afford your expenses? Make sure the job you are at knows that you are a student, so that they can be flexible in case you need a shift covered for an important exam or project.
                Next, look at how many hours you are taking. If you are a full-time student with the minimum of 12 hours like I am, look at what classes you are taking specifically. Some classes like math require you to do homework that is due every time you meet. Some classes require group projects, essays, research papers, etc. Just ask yourself; can I handle this?
                Everything is essentially doable; it all depends on what your personal academic goals are. But because all of you are great students, you will strive for those A’s!!
                You can get a job at a restaurant, at a movie theater, or even retail. Some students even chose to get a job on campus because it is easier. Why? If you live on campus, you don’t waste gas because your job is within walking distance.
                If you wish to get a job on campus, you can make a profile on Patriot Jobs. This site helps students by posting job opportunities on campus and even off campus. They also help you with your resumes, so when you apply somewhere, your resume will be pristine and ready to go!
                You can make a patriot jobs profile by signing up at
                There is also a factor that is equally as important…discipline. It’s the weekend and your friends are going out of town to let’s say, Six Flags. But oh no! You have two tests on Monday. Would you sacrifice a great time with your friends, or important grades from classes? This is opportunity cost (Any economic majors?).
                As students, these are the toughest choices we face. But we all know that we are in college to further ourselves. We are all responsible and will make great choices. So don’t fret my friends. You can do it!

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