Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Want YOU... to Work at UT Tyler!

Being in college, most of your parents are going to cut you off, or at least give you less money than they used to (as my mother has done). 
I have to beg her for a little $20, but that money disappears quick.

So getting a job was imperative. However, I have a really busy school schedule and no transportation. So I started looking on Patriot Jobs for jobs on campus. 

There are all kinds of awesome jobs to do on campus. I happen to love my job in the communications center, but if I could pick ANY other job, it would be to work in the Visitor Center. 
...and they happen to be hiring right now.

In the Visitor Center you'll get to work with all kinds of people, you'll get the amazing job of giving tours to prospective students, and just getting paid to share your experience and knowledge of your school with people. 
It's a fun job it looks like, and so simple. 
Plus, you'll be working on campus so that means no traffic worries, no worrying about your schedule interfering with studying, and you won't be working nights. On campus jobs are the best just because they cater to you as a student, but still allow you to make a pretty good salary. 

Imagine all the people you'd get to meet working for the Visitor Center? I'd love to do it. But hurry, because applications get sent in pretty quick. 
Check out Patriot Jobs to apply to work for the Visitor Center quickly!


bradley stenberg said...

Yeah, what isn't said here is that it could be a year if you are even considered for this sough after job. Apply in your own departments first. As the qualifications are more suited to your skills and not as sought after by other unemployed students.

bradley stenberg said...

Yes, I am aware of the misspells.

Megan Allen said...

Actually, Bradley, I am hiring for these jobs, personally. That is not the case. You can contact me at

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