Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Course Evaluations!

I just want to remind all the students here at UT Tyler to do a course evaluation online. You can find the course evaluation on your “myuttyler” account under student home page and then "system access". This is very important for each and every department because it gives the professors an opportunity to recognize their performance from a student point of view! It’s completely anonymous, but the head of the department gets to review those and make their department even better.
Some of the advantages from doing a course evaluation online are that the student gets to see their grades earlier than the students who don’t take the time to do the evaluation. Everyone will have till May 6th to finish up their course evaluation online and then be able to see their grades starting May 16. The others who don't complete the evaluation have to wait until May 22! Everyone wants early access to your grades! Also, when you're taking the evaluation, here are two pointer to make sure its submitted correctly:

- Make sure you get a congratulations message on the screen - only then will you be completely finished!
- Be sure to answer all questions for each class. The Submit button will not work if any questions are missed!
Another reminder to end this semester smoothly is that students need to make sure and look at the final's schedule online! You don’t want to miss your final by not getting to class on time or don’t want any confusion on when and what time your each final will be held. Since everyone worked so hard to maintain a great semester, take this opportunity to organize yourself with the final schedule.
Plan your schedule accordingly since finals are just a week away!
Avoid last minute hassle!
Be on time!
Study hard!
And Good Luck everyone!

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