Sunday, July 7, 2013

UT Tyler students get student discounts at movie theaters

                Who doesn’t love movies? No one…exactly. Watching movies should be the unofficial pass time in America, along with baseball. We all love walking into the theater and smelling the great smell of popcorn.
                Tyler offers three different movie theaters: Carmike, Hollywood Theater, and Times Square Cinema.  Hollywood Theater and Times Square offer student discounts. At Hollywood it costs $6.75 and at Times Square it will cost you $6.50. Great rates right? So take your student I.D. and show it as you buy the ticket.
                The closest ones to the university are Times Square and Carmike, but try to go to all three and see how each three is to your liking.
                Times Square is located in a shopping center appropriately called Times Square shopping center. There you will find other options to hang out such as eating at Double Dave’s Pizza, Julian’s restaurant, and other amenities.
                Carmike is located more down South Broadway Avenue, where in its own center there are dining options like Taco Bell and Long John Silver’s, with a TCBY frozen yogurt store, Wingstop and Smashburger right across the street.
                Hollywood Theater offers two dining options at its local such as Chicken Express and Rudy’s BBQ.
                Speaking of movie theaters, if you haven’t been recently, you really need to do so. There have been really great movies that you all should watch. Recently I have seen Man of Steel, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2 and the Heat.
                These four movies have been really entertaining to watch and you are sure to enjoy them. If you love comedies, Monters U, Despicable Me and the Heat are sure to get your funny bone going. For the animated movies, there are really entertaining moments, such as the appropriate college references in Monsters University and the hilarious shenanigans of the minions in Despicable Me.
Check out the trailer for Monsters U to the left!
                If you would like to reminisce on your childhood, definitely watch Man of Steel. This movie is absolutely amazing with the Superman storyline. It is packed with action, drama, and excitement that is sure to get your blood pumping as you sit in the theater. Check out the trailer to Man of Steel to the right!
So if you're ever just sitting at your dorm or apartment, get some friends and go enjoy these fun places that Tyler has to offer!

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