Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post Crawfish boil

Did you know that craw fish are most active at night?

They are in fact more active at night.
We just had a craw fish boil here for Patriot Days.
Gabby blogged before hand about it and now I  am happy to tell you about my experience.
My boyfriend convinced me to go even though I was happy in my room studying and stewing over my chemistry lab test that is occurring tomorrow.
The event was packed and the food was delicious. They offered some Popsicles to help with the heat and to accompany with the spicy-ness of the craw fish.
One of the people we were sitting with while we enjoyed our craw fish went and asked to have a live craw fish. He actually was given one.
My blogger instincts kicked in and we had a little photo shoot.
I had so much fun! and nice full stomach! 
More fun events are coming as Patriots Days continues!
Hopefully I can document them !
I did attend another Patriot Day event!
For which I got cool ring that was stamped on site!
It says Kevin, who is my boyfriend who I go on all
those vacation with and generally spend all my time with aside from the important things.
He got a ring with Emmy on it.

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