Sunday, April 14, 2013

Annual Crawfish Boil at UT Tyler!

Kicks off Patriot Days with crawfish boil!!!!

If you are on campus at 11:30 on Monday, April 14th, come down to Harvey Deck and enjoy crawfish!

Unfortunately, last year I was not able to go to because of work but tomorrow, OH! IT. IS. ON!
I plan to go there with friends RIGHT after our class. But try to get there early if you are impatient, cause the line gets long FAST!

I hope you guys can make it for some yummy crawfish!

PS. If you are like me and you really don't want to see shells of crawfish around campus ground, not interested in the smell or flies, please do clean up after yourself! We have trash can around campus guys! Let's utilize them !:)

Also check out the Patriot Days page for scheduled events throughout the week!

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Chrissy Jones said...

Patriot Days have been so much fun! I'm loving this!

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