Monday, May 20, 2013

Organization Ideas!

College students have such a hard time keeping themselves organized. It gets very hectic especially towards the end of the semester for students to keep everything organized.
Organization is a major element to keep the students on path here at UT Tyler.
From a personal experience, I can definitely say that organization can help everyone in a long run. Every semester I give myself some time to do “spring cleaning”, where I can just clean and get rid of any unnecessary items in my room. With books, notes, the loads of assignments, it gets hard for students to keep track of everything.
At the start of each semester, the students should always get a three ring binder to make sure all the paperwork from each class can be organized in there. I started doing that when I started UT Tyler, and it works out great. It not only keeps me organized, but it also reminds me to keep up with those syllabuses from each classes. I don’t have to worry about misplacing anything because I know that everything will be in that one folder if I ever need to reference it during the semester.
Another thing to remember is that, just because the semester is over doesn’t mean that all the hard work that you have put into projects and assignments will be in the trash. NO! Remember, after you graduate, a lot of the companies would prefer your major projects as a references that you have done throughout you college career.
Organization = key to success!