Monday, May 20, 2013

Last post as an Undergrad at The University of Texas at Tyler... ?

   As I write this I am one class away from finally having completed my Undergraduate Degree and also having cleared 6 hours in my Graduate Degree. Needless to say, this is a weird place to be academically.

   Having written as much as I have here as an Undergrad, let me say some things about my opinion of what it's like to transition between a Bachelors and a Masters - the same basics apply as with any other kind of school work but the stakes are higher. I know some people however who think because the work is harder, they are better students.

   This is not true - I believe hard work is hard work, regardless of where you stand academically. What is important is that you fight for yourself and your place. Work hard, study harder, and always ask questions. This does not mean "be a Devil's Advocate," but really think critically and always ask "WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT TO ME?"

   I believe college should prepare you to ask bigger and better questions, not to regurgitate facts and figures. A degree without a mind behind it to apply what has been learned is a glorified napkin.

   To everyone who is going to graduate, or who will in their future - I believe you can be as good as you believe AND DECIDE to be. Deciding here does not involve wishing, it involves action. Study in the library, talk to Professors, do extra work for no credit, get book recommendations and become a MASTER of what you love, not just a person who got through the subjects.

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