Monday, May 20, 2013

Grade Alternatives at UTT

   So ever now and again I come across a student who needs to take a class that isn't offered the semester they need to Graduate, or they had a rough semester and are not sure how they'll make it through the last part of their class.

   Things happen, sometimes things beyond out control. These things sometimes trip us up hard and I just want you to know about some alternatives to possibly failing a class.

   These options are not ALWAYS available and each has their own caveat to consider.

   1. Taking an I on the Grade in exchange for doing more/different work --- If you KNOW you are missing work and can't complete it on time, consider talking to your Professor about taking an I for the grade. What would happen is that you and your Professor talk and ( IF THE PROF. AGREES ) then decide on alternate options. Maybe you'd write that paper you missed or failed over the summer? You and the Prof. make a contract together to 'correct' missing/incomplete/poor work in exchange for your grade being turned into an I. You then have as long as you and the Prof agree ( usually not exceeding an academic year ) to do the work and then your grade will be changed. Sometimes a Prof will let you re-do work but your grade will be a C, even if you turn in an A. That is the trade-off, and sometimes the Prof. will not consider this course of action.

   2. Independent Study --- This one is a weird tool in your study "tool-kit" because, like the I, it hinges on you and a Professor working out an agreement. Let's say you need French IV next semester to graduate, however the class is not offered then? You'd talk to the Prof and ask to arrange an Independent Study. You'd have to make sure your Prof. is OKAY with this because you are asking them to take on extra work. Also, your ability to use these kinds of courses are limited ( 2 in your Undergrad career ). Sometimes you can also use this option to build up experience in a topic not offered here in a class, but that you know a Prof has experience in. In the end, talk to your Professors.

   3. Grade Replacement --- This one is simple enough. Let us say you fail a course? You are not doomed, you can file for Grade Replacement! As long as you failed the class you can apply for GR and then your 'old' (failed) grade will become replaced by the new one.

    While these options are not always seeming like the best thing for us, they are options. Never write them off, but primarily speak with your Professor about these options.

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