Friday, May 17, 2013

Slack-lining at UT Tyler

Before I came to college I had never heard of slack-lining  Ever. The closest I came to it was walking on curbs when I was a kid. 
But apparently, slack-lines are this huge thing on campuses all around the world! 

I had always seen people attaching these cords to trees at various heights and walking on them, so one day I actually tried it.

what it looks like

And it was so hard. Like crazy hard.
I couldn't even get my balance. I had to hold someone's hand to walk across!
But it was very exhilarating and very fun.

So when you come to school... please, at least once go up to the slack-lining boys and ask if you can try.

They're really nice and they'll always say yes(:


christy. said...

Hi there! I just learned about slacklining and realized how popular this activity is (and definitely want to get the hang of it). I saw it at Tam Tams in Montreal and came across this when I was googling it. It looks so difficult! 

Ron Avitzur said...
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