Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moving Closer to UT Tyler

Through your college career it is most likely that you will not live at the same place for your entire time at UT Tyler. You might start off at Ornelas Hall as a freshman, but then move onto either Patriot Village or University Pines, or live in a house or another apartment somewhere in Tyler. So, pretty much all of you have something to gain from a blog about moving

After living downtown for the past 6 months it has become clear that being within walking distance to campus is much more beneficial then being within walking distance of the downtown area. So this past Friday I went about moving back to the UT Tyler campus area.

As I have written before, moving can be a very arduous task. Without the proper planning your moving day could and in shambles with knives and spoons in the restroom, the toilet brush in the oven, and your shoes cooking on the stove. This time, with the helpfulness of hindsight from my last move, I planned ahead.... Except for the part about having people there to help....

I had my girlfriend available to help but when it came to lifting things like my couch and dresser I was in need of more help. I'm not putting her down or anything like that. I mean, these are large, heavy, bulky pieces of furniture that a 5'6" 23 year old female isn't physically capable of handling....

ANYWAY, my dad ended up driving in from Longview on Friday night to help with lifting the heavier items. After everything I was able to successfully complete the move in one day. With good planning you too can handle the great task of moving from one place to another. Or, you can wallow in defeat as your new apartment fills with the smell of burnt sneakers...... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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