Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Be Part of Research at UT Tyler You Say? Psychological Research!

Yes indeed students of The University of Texas at Tyler, if you ever wanted to be one of those cool test subjects you hear about in psychological studies, you can make it a reality here on campus! Our Psychology Department is a fantastic segment of campus that offers classes from Undergraduate all the way to Doctorates and minors in between!

I happen to be minoring in it myself. However, you don't have to be involved in the classroom in the Psychology department to participate in psychological surveys and occasionally even studies. When I was a Freshman, we had some basic classes where members from the school of psychology would pass out surveys and ask the class to fill them out. They aren't ever mandatory, so if brain studies and personal questions freak you out, no worries.

I chose to participate last year voluntarily in one of those surveys before I'd chosen to minor in the field, and based on my responses, I made a good candidate for a second level of testing that takes place in a lab here on campus. It's incredibly interesting, fun, and they will pay you for your time. (Quite well, I might add).

This semester I took my first Psychology class and I was required to participate in research for class credits as part of a grade (the alternative was a research essay). I did another survey for credit, and this time the Sass CPR Lab wanted me again for a different study and they wanted to study my brainwaves!! How cool is that?! So of course I agreed to participate. It was definitely something I felt was a once in a lifetime experience and I felt like I was helping groundbreaking research be done.

Here's a picture of me getting set up to do the study!

Another thing you can participate in, if you're interested in free counseling, is allowing psychology students practice their counseling skills on you. If you need serious help though, do consider visiting the Student Counseling Center, which is also free.

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