Monday, April 29, 2013

Before School Ends Checklist

The end of the semester is fast approaching and I know we all look over stuff when there are a BILLION things to do and get done. So this is just a friendly reminder to do these two things before school ends!

 Do your course evaluation!
1. log on to your myUTTYLER
2. go to your student center

3. click on evaluate my course
If you do this, you will receive your grades EARLIER on May 16th and be put in a drawing for an Ipad mini!

Check your to do list!
It is on the other side of the page on Student Center

If you have SCHOLARSHIP for the SUMMER TERM be sure to write your letter of appreciation so it can be disbursed to you! Along with all the things under your to do list. If you do not do this then you can loose the scholarship :( sad day

If tax transcript is listed under your to do list all you have to do is..
1. go to
2. click "order a return or account transcript"
3. log in with your credentials ( you will need your social for this!)
4. Also if you are a dependent (meaning you are still under your parents) they would need their credentials and order another transcript for them as well
6. Remember to choose the option for  return transcript and NOT account transcript! 
 It takes 5-10 days for this to be mailed at your permanent address so plan ahead if you are only living at Tyler for college. You would need to plan on how to get that mail and turn it in to the One Stop Shop since they will send it to your HOME ADDRESS! 

Obviously there are more things that could be on your to do list but the tax transcript as well as the scholarships are the most common ones to be on it. Just remember to try and make time to do this just so you don't have to come back up to the campus and worry about it during the summer :)