Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fandoms, Respect, and You at UT Tyler

Fandoms and You

   Being a kid in college is all about finding out what you like, dislike, and what you can listen to in polite conversation without losing your cool. You’ll be around different people talking about a variety of subjects, from TV shows, to bands, and even Professors that people prefer, etc…

  An example that I think is relevant as an example would be the fact that Doctor Who is back on the TV channels, now will into what is actually the middle of its 7th Season. The series is awesome, however it is a show that is also highly dependent on understanding certain aspects of the series: The Doctor has changed actors many, many times because he undergoes ‘regeneration’ after he dies, ie: the show pops in a new start when the previous one wants a way out. The Doctor ( who is an alien ) always has a human companion with whom he shares his weird/amazing adventures.

    I have encountered people who lovingly welcome newcomers into this fandom while on campus here at UTT. It’s a popular show, has a lot of fun, geeky appeal, and it’s a hoot. Sometimes, however, people go too far into their ‘fandoms’ and they can become negative, even rude, when somebody disagrees with something about the show while engaging in conversation. Or, worse, sometimes people ridicule and scoff at others for talking gleefully about their favorite things/hobbies. While I have always been a very large believer in the fact that most people don't care about D&D enough to mock it, I have on occasion heard the rare jape or mocking comment from a person. While it doesn't expressly bother me, it can bother others and it might
then become harder for the person who got offended to raise their voice about what they like in the future.

   I must also admit - I have been the mocker, on occasion. I have never meant anything outwardly by my tone except to be overly dramatic for comedic flavor, but I have insulted people's own fandoms because I might not have A) Liked the writing style of the book somebody talked about, B) Disliked something because of an external factor irreverent to the fandom in question, or C) I was inadvertently just being an ass.  This has been very big with Twilight and ( sometimes ) Harry Potter. I need to always be aware that people don't find me funny all the time and that not everyone needs my comments. My writing this blog is to make sure people I know are aware that if I can't tolerate that from others, I shouldn't do it either!

   This example might seem silly ( it’s a TV show, after all ), but think about how many other subjects people can also classify in the same genre/group as being a Dr. Who fan:

   --- Religion
   --- Sports Teams
   --- Politics
   --- Which of the Beatles is best [ the correct answer is Ringo, but I digress ... ]

   We love, well, to love things. We enjoy becoming a part of things and bringing new people into them. It allows us to share what is meaningful to us with others, and to bond. College is all about bonding, and on many levels.
   Still … please be aware when your love for something starts to infringe on the beliefs and opinions of others. I am allowed to believe that David Tennant and Matt Smith are better actors as Doctor(s) than Christopher Ecclesteon … but I’d never tell somebody their opposing view is wrong – it’s a matter of taste.

   Welcome and embrace new subjects, new fandoms if you will, and always treat others like you’d want to be treated here on campus!

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Anonymous said...

This was very well written, Michael! I happen to love Doctor Who, so I was excited to see your first picture with this blog.

You are absolutely right in stating that we don't always realize how our words will be accepted by others, and that is something that we need to watch. I hope you're having a great end to your semester!


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