Monday, March 25, 2013

From Tyler, TX to Arkansas!

What makes a memorable spring break?
 In this girl's book, it's a creepy rusty children playground at the cabin we were staying at that was off a dirt road off another dirt road.The creepiest part of the playground set was a wheel with a creepy crown face in the middle of it. This was also are favorite equipment to play on.
To add to the overall creepy-ness of the place, This face was on one of the trees.
This spring break overall was disorienting. We stayed at the Creepy Cabin for the first two days of spring break and then we drove 2 1/2 hours to Conway, Arkansas and stayed at a hotel for the final leg.

During the days though, we visited 3 states park that usually ranged a hour drive or more off road in Arkansas which means loopy roller-coaster roads of joy. We did hiking trails at all of the parks that we visited (the easy ones, even though my boyfriend was boy scout and claimed while giving me a piggy back ride I weighed the same amount as his pack he used at Philmont). 

My favorite state park we visited was Petit Jean--pronounced Petty Jean. It was the most fun because we climbed the giant rocks that hike trails were around.  

They had a trail in which you walked on rocks in a downhill slope that looked like turtles that lead to a " cave "and it was a quite workout. I felt like a detective because I found all the graffiti of those who had take it before us. 


So yup, that's the summary of my spring break. I have more pictures but I don't have enough words to go with them. So I hope these pictures fill your daily goal for pretty pictures