Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pollen Storm arrives at The University of Texas at Tyler

I have never experience allergies until I move here to UT Tyler for college. Coming from the Dallas area, the pollen count here at East Texas is WAAYY higher. Basically, I have been experiencing the worst case of allergy EVVEERR. The whole runny nose, sneezing, congestion, throat hurting, fatigue, and just feeling down right yucky :(

At some point, I really thought I had the flu last semester! After going home and then coming back to Tyler multiple times , I realize that I feel awful when I come back! Now I can officially confirm that it is allergies and I finally started taking Zyrtec.

That is not dirt, that is indeed pollen
Well, everyone is different, which means different medication reacts to each person differently. As for me, Zyrtec makes me drowsy, and I couldn't take it everyday as I would like to help with the symptoms since I really think my professors wouldn't appreciate me passing out in class... So I had to stop taking it and suffer through it. I just thought nothing is going to work and I will be feeling miserable FOOREVVEERRR (a tad bit dramatic hehe).

Another you guys don't know about me is that my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. It's ridiculous! Sometimes I wonder why I don't just live in a bubble.. but I started getting hives  on my chest!  (I know gross and too much information) but it turns out I'm allergic.

Yes, I have Chlonergic Urticaria AKA allergic to my own sweat. Sad day. So I finally went to the doctor to find out how I can control this nasty allergies. So now who has 2 prescribed medication to take daily? This girl... Don't worry guys, after a week and a half of taking these medication my chest is under control and hives free. :) Now only if the rest of my symptoms could cooperate...

So enough of my complains about allergies. I know a lot of you guys probably suffer from allergies as well. Especially since  it's spring! Here are some home remedies you might want to try before you try the prescription stuff!
  1. Drink LOTS OF WATER! 
  2. Use saline solution: This might not be for everyone but irrigating the nose may help soothe upper respiratory by removing irritants.  
  3. Drink some peppermint tea! Peppermint's essential oil acts as a decongestant and substances in peppermint contains anti-inflammatory. And if you are in the more adventurous try wasabi or horseradish! This kicks your sinuses and tear ducts to over drive! clears your sinuses right up! 
  4. Steam your face. Steam will soothe irritated sinuses and helps get rid of mucus in the nasal passages
  5. Go to your local drugstore and find yourself some good ol' allergy medication. Mind you these don't come cheap so look for coupons!
If you don't even want to bother with these then go ahead and talk to a doctor.
Remember students- The Clinic!

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