Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to conquer a test with a busy schedule at UT Tyler!

I just finished having my brain zombified by taking my programming exam over functions and every little single thing we went over ever in class.This has enacted a chain reaction.

A quiz in my math class  following in the near future for which I am standing on very thin ground in.
 Leading slowly behind that, is a lovely chemistry final.
Added on with the normal tack of homework and the fact I must go home this weekend and not do any homework but spend time with my family! who I haven't seen in over two months.. or so.

With the walls closing in, I, of course, head to the library to study, where my zombified brain came up with  the following:
  "There is a symphony of thumping textbooks, pencil scratching and whispers of study groups that fill the walls of the library and other parts of the campus.
 It's a masterpiece with a middle filled with stress and many hours of studying. That end's with a finale of a breath of a relief.

    This is not the only symphony the fills the hours of the day. There is the symphony for work. The clicking of the computer keys, the voices of my co-workers, the opening and closing of the door.

 The symphony of each day changes with little things. They can build upon each other creating a much greater sound almost deafening."
      With tests, this can be a common occurrence but no worries because I have come up with some ideas to deal with the problem to us all from losing our hearing.

        Busy schedules are a lot to deal with alone then adding having to prepare for a test is just blargh.
This is my normal schedule. The empty spaces are my free time almost always filled with homework and watching Netflix and eating lunch. This doesn't include little hiccups that we have to deal with day to day that change up plans.

   When preparing for tests and making a new schedule on top of your previous schedule, you should know these things:

  1. create MORE time to study if possible-- take off work IF you can.
  2. combine things you do together! study while doing laundry! and such things. Be creative.
  3. find time to relax-- don't make all the time for studying--most but not all.
  4. don't cram the night before-seriously..just don't.. unless you have proven it has worked your whole academic career then go ahead.

 That's all. That's the secrets of the universe. Oh and 42. Aside from that...and that sleeping with your textbooks will help you absorb the information!---kidding :)
 I shall conquer my Chemistry test! and rename it Emmy Land!

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