Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beware the Donut Cravings in College

Today I was watching Wreck-It-Ralph.
In one of the videogames that was candy themed, two donut policemen walk into the candy king or whoevers castle. (I was obviously paying SO much attention)

Anyway, upon seeing the donut cops I started craving donuts. Normally when I crave something I go out of my way completely to go get it.

So I look up the nearest Shipley's (they're my favorite) and head over there before my next class.
We get to Shipley's and it's closed!
We go to the donut shop down the road and it's closed too!

I don't know if everyone in the world except me already knew that most donut shops close around noon, but I had to find out the hard way.
So I went the day donut-less... and I'm still craving them.

So to all you fellow donut lovers...
They're open from 5 am - 12 pm or 1 pm

Get em' while you can.

P.S. Totally went to Shipley's the next day and got my donuts! :D