Thursday, February 7, 2013

V-Day Thoughts

   Soon the big V-Day will be upon us, and we all know what that means ~ having friends who are not in relationships being surrounded by lovey-dovey, mushy, kissy-face'n people ( here called LDMKF'ers ).

Ah, Valentines Day .... we meet again
[ Please understand, I 110% support the lovey-dovey, mushy, kissy-face'n "thing" ]

   I currently speak for the non-LDMKF crowd and hope to champion their plight to you, the romantically involved, date having person who  might not be too aware of how much pressure V-Day burdens us non-taken people with.

[ Picture depicted is an exaggeration - no man wears slacks like
this while holding the Stone of Pressure ]

   If you know anybody who will be single on Valentines Day, go out of your way where possible and give them chocolate - people love chocolate. Get them a small card, perhaps? Or, heck. just call them or let them know they matter. Valentines Day isn't just a day for romantic love, it is a day to show all the people in your life that you care.

   For those of you who are looking into taking your date out for a night on the town, fellow blogger Chrissy Jones has this to say about making sure you keep that special someone in your life!

But, seriously - people LOVE chocolate. 

   It can be hard sometimes for people who wish for love to watch others delight in it, however kind words, attention from friends, and being acknowledged go a long, long way in making Valentines Day great for everyone. 


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