Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be Happy!

       Last weekend, I went to North Park Mall while visiting my boyfriend for his birthday weekend. He was nice enough to actually attempt to go shopping with me that afternoon. Since I got a gift card from H&M for Christmas, we decided that since I'm a broke college student we can get my shopping fix there and still not spend too much money.
       We got there and of course it's the weekend and it was CROWDED and I mean wow... the line for the dressing room alone was starting to wrap around the store. So bless his heart, he was in there with me picking out clothes... ya he lasted maybe 25 minutes, but I have to hand it to him, that was longer than I expected him to stay.
          So of COURSE I checked out the clothes that were on sale. I was in need of new pants, so I looked for some. I usually am either a size 2 or 4 depending on the designer. So I picked up pants that we're around that size and also found a pair that was a size 6.
         Hey, I am not a size snob, whatever fits and what works I'm cool with. So I go get in line and waited.. and waited... and waited some more to get a fitting room. So I try the size 2's, didn't even get pass my upper thighs, tried the 4's then the 6 and the same problem...

      Like I said, I don't necessarily look at clothing sizes, whatever fits fits, but I couldn't help push down the insecurity that I felt after that. I knew that I have lost some weight since I got my wisdom teeth removed in December so why weren't the pants fitting?!
       I then realized that I am experiencing how many girls out there feel. I knew that most clothing stores are a bit bias to sizes they carry and each store size their clothes differently, it still  made me have this unsettling feeling. I have known many people who have eating disorders or look at themselves and just be really unhappy with their bodies (even though I honestly believe that they are just beautiful the way they are).
        It made sense though now, in a world where the media portrays "beautiful woman" into this particular type; legs that goes on forever, slender, toned everywhere and not to mention looks like their blessed with a front and a behind. I'm not saying that these women are not beautiful, I mean everyone can agree those Victoria Secret Models are very pretty indeed but the truth is.. not everybody portrays beauty like that.
     Remember, genetics play a VERY big role into this. You are who you are. I mean goodness I want to grow a few inches or so, but I got my mom's height instead of my dad's (to my disdain).
     I mean for some reason it's really easy for me to tone my legs and one of my friend doesn't, but she can tone her arms easier than I can. Like I said, everyone is different like that. So don't try to force your body into looking like someone else.

I have insecurities, you probably have them as well. It's hard not to. Instead of trying to look like someone else, maybe we can all work towards doing it for ourselves. Instead of having a goal of looking like Victoria Secret models, have a goal of wanting to work out or eat better to keep ourselves healthier not necessarily to be "skinny".

     Did you guys know that HPC offers fitness classes? It's free to all UT Tyler Students! They also numerous workout machines in the gym, aquatics, club sportsintramural sports, outdoor adventures opportunities, and you can even have one-on-one training session! If the gym isn't for you, then you can run in our trails here on campus or even bike! Remember that HPC rent out bikes as well!

So if you're physically able, get out there and play!



Jayce Miller said...

You're boyfriend sounds dreamy

Chrissy Jones said...

aww, this is so sweet. and so true!

Keerin said...

I love this. I think everyone needs a reminder sometimes that they're beautiful just the way they are.

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