Saturday, November 3, 2012

The many lives of Emmy

After doing my morning routine, I ventured out of my room and out of my apartment into the open spaces of campus. Where my life suddenly became hanging in the balance. Mind you not my actual life. That wasn't severely threaten aside from a freak accident occurring I'm talking about human status in the campus game of Humans vs. Zombies this week.

I walked around campus with a mixture of fear, anticipation and excitement that I might encounter a zombie and get chased and hopefully make it out alive. This concept of "me making it out alive after an encounter  with a zombie" is quite far fetched since I've stated before that I am small, weak and you can toss me over your shoulder with little struggle given the circumstance.

This fact stated, I'd like to say I SURVIVED FOUR DAYS of Humans Versus Zombies compared to my last attempt where I died the first day. I think this most likely occurred because I have a weird schedule and I'm a ninja. 

I will prove that I am a ninja by telling you how I got zombiefied even though it is embarrassing for my nerf gun.
  I was walking out of business building after class.
 When I spotted a zombie walking up the hill between Business and the RBS building. I fumbled with my gun in fear but the zombie didn't seem to notice me. 
this is what I looked like when I saw the zombie without the weird expression

  I followed behind said zombie about five paces. I thought I was in the clear but the zombie had friends who pointed me out and the chase began. 
   I shot my gun three or four times and nothing came out. My death occurred and all I remember is black then I walked my way to work. 
   My gun is now in time out and further punishment is be decided.

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