Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Salary Negotiation

I attended a mock interview today at The UT Tyler Career Services office for on of my classes. The Career Services Office is easily located in the University Center! A real company came out to grade me, and pass along how well I did to my professor.

A very central discussion in a serious interview is how much money you expect for your skills!
Nerve-racking, huh? You have to price yourself.

If you have some time, on Saturday, November the 10th you can find out how to talk about personal pricing.
Arrive a little before 10 am, and it takes place until 12:30 pm at UT Tyler Baptist Student Ministry! This building is brick and located on the corner of Patriot Avenue and Varsity Drive.

Registration makes place here and learn:
  • The personal consequences of the gender wage gap
  • Understanding reasonable salaries and benefits
  • Developing a "bare bones" budget to pay basic expenses
Work shops like this are offered all the time through Career Services, like the Etiquette Awareness Dinner on Thursday the 15th from 5-7 pm.

Many of my classes tell us about these workshops and opportunities for the future- but just check out the website. 

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