Thursday, November 8, 2012

Student Bloggers Go Longboarding

So I recently got a new longboard! It's a Rayne Killswitch and I bought it mainly to do technical downhill races and slides. I love my old board but it's only amazing for beginners to do basic things and  stable cruising.
So the other day my co-bloggers decided to test out my new longboard and I happily agreed to teach them and let them try it out! This was the result.

Remember to gear up and wear your helmets! (And yes, I am aware that we weren't wearing any, but that's because at the speed we were all going in, we could've raced turtles and the shelled creatures would've won)


Anonymous said...

I love to longboard, but I am TERRIFIED of falling (again). Definitely a lot of fun :D. Cudoos for not falling :).

P.S. Wish I had a job were I could longboard as aprt of my work LOL.

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