Friday, November 9, 2012

Publications, Publishing, and Persistance

   So, recently I was very honored to have been allowed to publicize a blog article BSCENE magazine. A few people have asked me, "How on earth do I get published? What is the secret?" I am in no way, shape, or even form close to considering myself a writer of the genres of things I want, however I have been lucky enough to write on content I find interesting.

   This means that while I aim to write novels, I am happy writing here on the internet!

   A lot of being successful (ie: getting something done others will read ) is understanding that, at first, nobody really knows to read about you. You will have to "encourage" friends. family, and hobos off the street to click the link that has your stuff on it, in addition to spamming it like crazy on Facebook and social media.

   This is in no way a bad thing. What you are doing is learning to build an audience for yourself as opposed to being handed one by a company, title, or famous name. Diligence is a big factor, mostly - keeping at anything almost always means eventual success, however some people have less patience than diligence.

   I encourage keeping at ones writing, regardless of ... anything, actually. Don't like your work? too bad, write it and stash it somewhere for later. Didn't finish a project? Join the rest of us ( because what writer hasn't failed to complete that magnum opus from when they were 11 about wizards and guys riding dragons ) and celebrate having purged yourself of an unnecessary side-venture that was keeping you from your REAL story/work/what-have-you ...

... or prove me wrong and write that story, write it till you hate it, then write some more! The point is that writers write and if you're not writing ... well ... you're not a writer.

   Now, this brings up a huge problem - do you only think writers who are published should be able to call themselves "writers" or do you think anybody can claim the title provided they, well, write ( sorry, writing about writing will involve writing the word writing ;p ).

   I'll use my job as an example of finding victories in unexpected ways - my job is listed as being apart of the UT Tyler Student Blog tea, however my work primarily entails phone use. Almost 75% of my work day and less than 30% of my work hours in said week total out to involve writing at all. Still, I was proud to get this job and I am happy to work the extra work ( which has become rewarding, in its own sense ) to maintain my privilege to write like this.

   Some jobs let you write and yet, because it does not match the particular genre or format you aim for, it is considered a lost cause.

   I heavily encourage you to discontinue that style of thinking. My example certainly fits the model of "successful" because of my college undergraduate status where as I am sure some of you with harder, longer, and more labor intensive jobs might think my words not meant for them.

   In the end, something will always get in the way of your writing unless you're lucky enough to win the Island Sweepstakes and be allowed to retire with free room, board, etc... Until then, manage your time to get something done every day. Wake up one hour earlier or go to bed one hour later to have time ONLY for writing. If you can, try and seek editing work through newspaper adds, asking teachers, calling businesses, and asking local and student newspapers for available gigs!

   Our very own Patriot Talon has been gracious enough to allow my bizarre and geeky writing projects to be in their pages, and while the paper is obviously free to all, its good to be given a chance at writing for an audience. I heard about this job through a friend, was told about the difference between "blogging" and "the rest of what I'll be working on" and took the job anyway. I was fortunate to have gotten to BSCENE opportunity  however it is one that ( I have been told ) is open to a lot of students and even Communication Dept. professors know of in-roads to writing here on our own UT campus and abroad.

   For some of my English friends, ask Luke Gobel if he will let you help him edit any of his New York Tyrant issues before they go to print? Ask professors if they might have any papers that they're looking for extra help with as readers and ( politely ) see if you might be able to be credited in some way?

   Call or reach out to our own Tyler Morning Telegraph and see if they have any freelance positions open for students?

   Make your own Blog for writing and keep at it for at least a certain amount of time, just to be sure you can. Try it for a month, then see if you can keep it up for two? My own personal timeline only lasted a week so, trust me, it isn't easy ... yet I can do projects like this just fine as long as my sporadic schedule is OK with my bosses?

   The point is, be persistent, diligent, and don't give up. Keep writing and keep working on what you love.

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