Friday, November 2, 2012

The KUNG FU Masters of China at UT Tyler


As I wrote earlier this week on Monday, I was very excited about attending the Shaolin Warriors performance. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! My roommate and I were literally in awe by the end of the show!

The showed open with two little boys who were doing crazy acrobats! I mean they were literally doing summersaults with their heads! Yes heads! not hands! I myself didn't even know that was possible! I wish I can tell you EVERYTHING that I saw that night, it was so awesome :)

Thumbs up for Shaolin Warriors !!:) 
 The performers demonstrated impressive Kung fu moves! I mean they look like they were flying! They were just jumping up so high while doing flips and such! There were also performers who bent this huge stick with a sphere at the end with his neck pressing down on the sphere! And this other performer who laid on a bed of nails, then had a bed of nails on top while another performer laid on top of that with ANOTHER bed of nails on top of him. After that, one of the performer placed, I believe like a cement block or a piece of wood on top of all of that and hammered it until it broke! FYI, yes they are all okay! I know I am using so many exclamation marks but it's cause it was soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The performers also demostrated weapons! Oh my.... I mean they were moving their weapons so fast and doing intricate moves that you just sit there in awe. The best part that I was very impressed about was in the middle of the show before the intermission, the performers asked willing children to come up to the stage. I really think they rounded up if not all but 99% of the kids in the audience! The performers then taught the kids Kung Fu moves. We thought it was the cutest thing ! :) There's so many other things that happened but it's just SO MUCH to write down!

I really do encourage all of you UT Tyler students to take advantage of shows like these! As I mentioned earlier, all of Cowan Center shows, you can get tickets for free! You just have to be get there fast and claim one since they only reserve certain amounts of free student tickets! 

Since it is not allowed to take pictures of videos of performances, I uploaded a video of snippets of their performance! 


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