Monday, October 29, 2012

Typical Day on the UT Tyler Student Blogging Team

     As I walk into work today, with my maxi dress flowing in the wind, and a spring in wedged heeled feet, I knew today was gonna be a good day. Last week was KINDA sucky. I wasn't feeling all that well from the crazy weather change. Texas, please make up your mind about the weather. Is it gonna be fall yet or are you still clinging on to summer?.... Can't you see that my closet cannot handle both summer and fall clothes together! I am not fond of being bundled up in the morning before class and when I get out of class the temperature rises 20 degrees and I look like a fool wearing fall clothes :( (sorry I went off on a tangent. That tends to happen)

But the reason why I am all dressed up and excited about today is because i'm going to see the Shaolin Warriors at the Cowan Center ! You see, I am very excited about this cause it just looks absolutely awesome. My attention was caught when UT Tyler pinned up the flyers for the show and this is what I saw! 


I mean come on! That's so cool! And there's also this picture of one of the show members sitting on a bed of nails and this other member about to step on him! I think that's pretty impressive. So this is why I am very excited about tonight. Also, I will be blogging about the show after I see it so be sure to look out for it soon!

The moment I walk in, I was greeted by a very hyper Chandler Upchurch, a fellow team member. You see, Chandler just watched Cloud Atlas and he is OBSESSED! Well, drinking his sugar packed hot chocolate probably only added to his hyper-ness... He claims that it is 1000 X crazier than Inception. And since I have seen Inception and, yes, I was mind blowned, I really have to see this Cloud Atlas movie now! To sweeten the day even more, another fellow team member Kat Howell's mom brought us some ice cream! Today was the first time I tried Praline ice cream. Although it doesn't quite compete with mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough, it was pretty good. And this girl's tummy is quite satisfied.

Chandler then showed me this poster that he is going to give Michael Hale ( another team member). Michael has a cat by the way.. :p 

Cat lovers might not like this poster, but hey it's just silly! I myself prefer dogs, but due to my boyfriend's favoritism towards cats, I am slowly opening my hearts to cats as well. Speaking of cats, have you noticed that we have "campus kitties" as Chandler puts it. I saw three different ones around campus, a black, a white, and a light orange one! I believe the one my room mate and I fed at PV was the yellow one. I plan on blogging and posting pictures about that night we fed the cat so look out for that one as well!!

So you're probably like this is the most random blog post ever. But you see, this is just a typical day on the UT Tyler Student Blogging Team . I have been so blessed with amazing people that I met just a mere few months ago, and yet it felt like we've been friends for a very long time. It makes me so happy coming in to work everyday that I will be spending another day with my dysfunctional  yet very happy family here at UT Tyler Student Communication. 

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