Monday, October 29, 2012

Colder Weather at UT Tyler

So, as we all know, the weather is starting to get cooler and fall is setting in. Most people welcome this change with open arms! However, I prefer the summer, so right about now is when I grudgingly drag out my winter clothes and coats. (I was unprepared for this weather in Family Ties).

See? I can tolerate the cold weather, just not for long periods of time.
Now it's that time of year again, where the buildings won't turn on their heaters yet, but it's too cold for the air! Today at work with my fellow UT Tyler Bloggers , I am keeping warm in the office by wearing my PEA COAT while inside! And, I still can't feel my toes! :O 

A few Facts About Kat: 
  1. I am very cold-natured. Even during the hottest times of the year, I am often cold inside and/or during the nights. 
  2. I love ice cream, Icees, popsicles, Blizzards...and pretty much any frozen, delicious treat of sugary goodness
  3. If it didn't cost about $1,847,293.47 to always have a space heater running in my bedroom, I would absolutely do it. 
So, today at work when we were enjoying some delicious ice cream for funsies, I did so while wearing my winter gear inside. Take a look: 

My love for ice cream extends beyond my frozen toes and fingers! 

STAY WARM out there, my fellow Patriots and friends! 

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