Monday, October 29, 2012

Crazy things actually happen at UT Tyler?

                  So today is Monday. Like every other Monday, I set off on my trek to the Ratliff Building North to go to my math class. Pretty bland, you could say. Then all of a sudden, I heard a loud roar. Honestly, I was a little bit scared, but I pretended not to be because there were seniors everywhere. So I continued to walk in the direction of the loud noise.
                Not long after, I just saw a huge stampede of human beings running straight towards me. I justified this in my head by saying that maybe some people are having a race, or running away from the RBN. I was wrong, SO wrong. Not only were these people being loud and running fast, but they were masked and sported diapers.
                I've never seen something quite this odd happen on campus, this kind of thing happens all the time in places like New York, I’m sure. All I know is that it made my trip to math a lot more funny and creepy than it usually is, and it was among the more hilarious things I've experienced here. A lot of people are talking about it around campus today, and I hear some talk saying apparently this happens every year around this time. I also heard that these masked adult-babies are the men’s soccer players. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it were.
                If I knew ahead of time, I would've snapped a few pictures of them, so that there embarrassment would be forever captured here on my blog. Luckily, a few other people did, and the just so happened to get this photo of them. Hope you like it!

                Also, Humans vs Zombies has officially started, and people are hiding, getting attacked, and turning into “zombies.” It’s almost like a real life The Walking Dead, but not really. Good luck humans, and don’t attack me when I’m the only human left!

Yours truly,
Chandler Upchurch

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